Frances and Desiree’s Wedding: A Beautiful Affair at Gunners’ Barracks


Frances and Desiree, a couple deeply in love, exchanged vows in beautiful wedding ceremony at Gunners’ Barracks in Sydney. This blog post chronicles the active and engaging celebration that happened , from the portrait shoot days before the wedding to the lively festivities that continued well into the night.

The Venue

LGBT friendly Gunners’ Barracks, located in the bush land of Georges Heights, Mosman, and having stunning views of Sydney Harbour, served as the back drop for this historic celebration. The venue provided a serene and beautiful setting, admiring the love shared by the couple.

Friends and family gathered from various locations to witness the union of Frances and Desiree, adding to the warm and vibrant atmosphere of the day.

The Ceremony

Officiated by celebrant Lillian Lyon, the ceremony took place against the iconic back drop of Gunners’ Barracks. The vows were swapped, sealing their commitment in an active and heart felt manner.

The celebrations continued smoothly with amazing food that made guests happy. Additionally, the tasty offerings added a delicious touch to the overall experience of the day.”

We took beautiful pictures at the lookout above Gunners’ Barracks, using the stunning Sydney Harbour views as a backdrop for the newlyweds’ special moments.

A Night of Celebration

As the sun set, the festivities seamlessly transitioned into a lively night of celebration. Guests actively participated in dancing, laughter, and revelry, creating enduring memories of love and joy.

Frances and Desiree’s wedding at Gunners’ Barracks was a captivating and active affair, blending love, laughter, and scenic beauty. As their photographer, it was an honor to document the dynamic moments of their special day. Join me in revisiting the active celebration that serves as a testament to the enduring power of love.

Enjoy the photos from this Gunners Barracks wedding in Sydney. You may also be interested in seeing images from Sergeants Mess, which is another venue closeby run by the same team as Gunners Barracks. We have also listed 5 LGBT friendly wedding venues in NSW


2 brides sitting in the back of a rolls royce
view over sydney harbour from gunners barracks
the reception room at gunners barracks
2 brides doing a toast during their wedding ceremony
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4 woman laughing
2 women exchanging vows
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2 brides kissing
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2 women holding each other during twilight
meal at a wedding
meal at a wedding
desert at gunners barracks
desert at gunners barracks
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2 brides holding each other during twilight
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woman dancing at a wedding
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girls dancing at a wedding
girl dancing at a wedding
2 women dancing
dancing at a wedding