Planning a wedding and need a professional wedding photography service ? Below is our helpful steps of the whole journey and process. We show you how we help plan to get the best wedding photos of your wedding day.

At Studio Zanetti wedding photos is what we do best. We also like to show you each step of the wedding day photography process. We have created a helpful timeline. This will show you exactly how we work to make the experience of using our service as pleasant and fun as possible. From the day you first make contact to the last day collecting your beautiful finished wedding photos and album, we describe each step of the way as to what you can expect from us. We find this the best way to keep you in the loop.

Alongside the timeline of our process, we have listed the most commonly asked questions along with answers to clear any queries you have

We always arrive at their wedding on time

We are discreet and also be courteous to their guests

We provide them with high quality artful images with minimal posing

We Capture every important detail

We price our packages sensibly with no hidden extras

We deliver their high resolution images quickly and efficiently

We offer free downloads of their photos for family and friends


It's not just about taking pretty pictures to remember your wedding day by

View our process of the journey below

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dunbar house wedding
dunbar house wedding
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Just like you first met your fiancee and made a date, we also need to meet up to work out if we are a perfect fit.

After getting in touch with us we can organise a very casual catch-up at our little inner city studio/terrace, where you can let Michael know what dreams you have about your wedding day and your wedding photos. Our catch ups we have been told are a lot of fun.

Over a coffee or drink he will show you albums and slideshows of more of his work and help you to roughly sketch out a timeline along with good ideas for your big day. Catch ups normally last just under an hour (though some couples have stayed much longer)

If you are time poor or prefer to meet on ZOOM that works well too and you are more than welcome to come in at a later date to meet in person.

You’ve looked at my website, poured over my images and checked out my photo packages, you came into the studio to meet me or we may have met on ZOOM and you’ve decided you’d like to move forward in booking me as your photographer. You can now check that off your huge do list and relax a little. You are in good hands for your wedding photos.

I will email you a wedding questionnaire so you can fill in the details of your wedding like addresses, phone numbers of all the relevant venues. We will also email you an itemised order for the photography package you chose listing all the inclusions. The payment schedule is on there as well as bank details for transfers.

The deposit is $5oo to book the date in and is transferable to another date though it’s not refundable. We issue a receipt and confirmation for every payment you make to us so you know exactly what has been paid.

In the months between making your deposit and your big day, we'll exchange a few emails or calls here and there as I check in and see how wedding planning is going and if I can answer any questions you may have.

If you’ve booked me for any portrait sessions (engagement, etc.), we will schedule & shoot those!

Depending on the package chosen, we also have a second catch up at the studio a few weeks out from the wedding so I can get more of a feel for what is happening & get down to the nitty-gritty logistics.

The most exciting part! Time to create awesome wedding photos Today is the big day and you should be relaxed knowing you have hired a highly efficient and experienced wedding photography service.

Michael will make the experience to be fun and natural, so he’ll focus on making you feel your most relaxed in front of the camera. He’ll work tirelessly to capture everything without being intrusive, you won’t even notice he is there and that you’re being photographed.

In the 3-4 weeks following your wedding, I'll be meticulously editing and perfecting your photos, When they're ready, we will organize to meet up at the studio and relive the wedding day over a drink. We will hand over the USB of all the wedding photos as well as have that all important private gallery online to share with your friends and family. We will also start the album planning process.

Album design starts after image delivery. You choose your own images via our online gallery rating system from the comfort of your own lounge. Once your done we’ll start the 1stdraft of the design and upload it for you to give us all important feedback, again from the comfort of your lounge.

Several weeks after approving your album and its been printed and bound and delivered to us we’ll meet again, by now we have become best friends and its going to be hard to say goodbye unless we become friends on socials and meet up again in the future

frequently asked



We used to get asked this many times, after all every couple has a budget and most like to stick to it. Our prices are listed on the website HERE and we are transparent with all our couples. So, whether you are having your wedding in an upscale grand ballroom or a very basic & down to earth venue the price will be the same for everybody, there’s no hiking up the prices just because you are spending a fortune on other suppliers. Your package consists of the listed price and you can tailor by adding more extras required so there is no need to have inclusions you just don’t need. All our prices include GST

How much and what do you get?



Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. They are an added extra and listed in the add-on prices. I cover a wedding single handed without missing a beat. Having spent the last fifteen years capturing weddings as a solo photographer, I have added a team of highly talented associate photographers to my studio. If you are planning an intimate wedding in a small venue with a small guest list and everything is happening in the one location, then one photographer can cover everything very easily.

A second wedding photographer is helpful when the couple is getting ready in two separate locations and you need photos of both of you.

At the ceremony a 2nd photographer is like having another set of eyes capturing those candid moments. They can also assist getting family members together afterwards for the all-important family shots.

The second shooter can also head on to the reception to get photos of the room setup without anybody in it while I am shooting location photos. a second wedding photographer is also an added bonus because each photographer brings their own unique way of seeing things and you’ll get more variety in your images

Do you work with a second photographer?



Do you edit all of our images?

Yes, we do, we make sure that exposures, colour and contrast are just right, we also select favourites that we give extra special attention above and beyond the basic edits. We also create some classic black and whites (and you also get the colour original too)

Do you provide videography and cinematography?

No unfortunately, I am a stills photographer and chose to specialise in this. I can recommend many awesome cinematographers at at different price levels that I have met over the years



How long does it take to get our photos?

As you can imagine we would take many photos at your wedding to cover all the events taking place. These images need to be processed to look their optimum best. We generally shoot in the professional RAW format and there is quite a lot of work in the post production process. We then create an online gallery that you’ll be able to share with your family and friends and transfer all images to a USB in an optimum format that you can print from or share on social. All this takes time and we aim to have photos to you within 4 weeks of your wedding, just in time from when you return from your honeymoon. If you need images on the meantime for thank you cards or to share your new status on socials please let us know, we’d be happy to pass some images to you in the meantime.



How many photos do we receive?

The number depends on many things like hours of coverage, number or guests, events etc. An average for a 6 hour day is approx 800 images (solo photographer) and more with a second photographer.



How do we receive the photos?

I normally would like to set up a date when you pop over to the studio for a glass of wine and relive the wedding day with a slideshow that I create. In most of our packages we give you a metal USB in a presentation box to keep it safe in. The images on the USB are high resolution/definition and are NOT watermarked, you are most welcome to print and share anything you like.



You mention an online gallery in your packages

Yes we do, it is a password protected online gallery where you can share your images with friends and family. It also features a secure shopping cart where we offer free downloads of low resolution images which are perfect for storing on devices with the use of a pin number. Guests have the opportunity to order prints or other products we feature. This gallery is online for approx 12 months.