The Cost of Wedding Photographers in Sydney


How much does a Sydney Wedding Photographer Cost?

New couples planning their wedding always ask, how much does a wedding photographer in Sydney cost?   The photographer is usually the third wedding vendor a couple will book during the wedding planning process.

There are several factors in wedding photography costs when planning your wedding in Sydney. They consist of the overall elements that go into what your photography needs are as well as the many variables that you need to take into account in your photography package. All this adds to the costs. Below we break down Sydney wedding photography prices.

We are sure you will be wondering when planning your wedding is the cost of certain services in Sydney, the wedding industry can vary from very high prices to very low. Determining what you need and factoring it in your budget can be difficult. So how much does wedding photography cost in Sydney?

What do Sydney wedding photographers charge?

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The prices of a Sydney wedding photographer can vary greatly. Because of the variety and type of wedding in Sydney, it’s hard to work out exactly what you’re expected to pay for a wedding photography in Sydney.

How much a wedding photographer in Sydney charges depends on several factors. The first is how experienced the photographer and his team are. If they have been photographing Sydney weddings for many years it is likely they will be charging more.

Some wedding photographers in Sydney charge less because they don’t have as much experience. This is not the only factor that makes a difference in how much a Sydney photographer costs. You need to also consider the quality of their work and the service that they are providing. It’s very important not to sacrifice quality or service to save money.

When searching for how much Sydney wedding photography costs, you need to investigate the quality of photos. There are many styles of wedding photography that is on offer in Sydney and finding a professional that fits the vision you have for your wedding matters.

The price range for a Sydney wedding photographer can vary greatly. Some wedding photographers in Sydney only charge $1000-$2000. Other wedding photography packages could range from $4000-$6000, or even as high as $10,000 and beyond. The average cost of wedding photography in Sydney is around $3200-$3800.

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Studio Zanetti has been providing Sydney wedding couples with affordable & classy photography for 15 years

When it’s time for your wedding planning, leave yourself some space in your photography budget. Photographers have add-ons for their packages as well that you might want to consider. While there is an average cost of wedding photography in Sydney, there are also add-ons like albums prints and wall art to taking into consideration.


There is so many ways to find out what photographer’s charge for their services after all not many photographers list their prices on their websites like we do at Studio Zanetti.

May photographer want you to reach out to them to find out their wedding photography pricing.

A lot of photographers provide packages for their services. Packages mean a bundle of services combined into one cost. You need to compare the different wedding photography packages for your wedding photography.

Many other photographers in Sydney offer customised quotes for services when you let them know exactly what you need in a wedding photography package to work out a price for you. For example they will start with how many hours of photography you need and whether you need a second photographer and so on.


This is the biggest question that couples ask is why is wedding photography so expensive? So many factors go into working out their fees and charges. To start with you are paying for an experienced professional. Having a trusted professional is so important. They need to have photographed many weddings to know how to keep your wedding day running smoothly. You only have one chance to get the photos you dreamed of so make sure they’re captured with an experienced wedding photographer


Another factor that adds to the price of a Sydney wedding photographer is quality of service. You should be looking for a high-quality professional who knows how to work the room at a wedding. They know where to be and how to communicate with their couples to get the right shots. At Studio Zanetti we make sure we meet up before the wedding and chat about what exactly how we’ll be working at your wedding and answer any questions you may have.


When you book a wedding photographer for a day, you’re booking a wedding photographer for at least a week. Apart from the wedding day itself, there’s a lot of culling, correcting and general editing that goes into wedding your photos. Not to mention meeting you several times before and after the wedding, emailing, calling or texting you, it all adds up.

Word or mouth is how we get the majority of our couples


Wedding Photography packages include many of the following options.

Lead Photographer, this is the main photographer for your wedding, the lead photographer is also most of the time the person that is owner of the wedding photography business. Lead photographers typically have more experience than others that they may hire as a second shooter.

Second Shooter. A second shooter is necessary for weddings that need a lot more coverage. Like having coverage at the groom’s home which may be happening at the same time as the brides prep. Some weddings may even require a third shooter to be added onto the photography package. This is so couples can make sure that everything is covered.

Cinematography Service. There are many wedding photography and videography teams in Sydney. Sometimes these Sydney wedding videography services can be directly coordinated with your photographers. Sometimes, photographers will partner with a videography team and have a set rates package for both.  There are certainly different styles of wedding videography, so make sure to review their work. Having video coverage at a wedding can offer an immersive and memorable experience for reliving your special day. If you’re looking to hire both a wedding photography and videography team, chances are that you’re going to expect to pay more than just a still photography budget

Wedding Albums. Many photographers offer albums in their Sydney wedding photography packages. The price of wedding photography albums in Sydney can greatly vary between photographers. There are quite a few costs associated with wedding albums, including design time, album materials, proofing, and shipping etc.  Its worth having an album compared to just having electronic files, an album will add a beautiful experience as you relive your wedding day.

Printed Photos and Wall Art. Printed photos are usually an addition to wedding photography packages in Sydney. Having digital photos of your wedding is great, but prints can last a lifetime. When you add printed photos and wall art into your wedding photography costs, you can create many high-quality prints and framed artwork you can pass down the generations.

Engagement/Pre wedding Sessions. Having an engagement session will help you get comfortable in front of the camera, let’s face it, not everyone likes having their photo taken and you and your photographer will get to know each other. Engagement shoots are often an add-on to the price of a wedding photographer in Sydney. This is a great opportunity for you to get photos for your wedding website and save-the-dates and professional images of the 2 of you being yourselves. At Studio Zanetti we offer packages that include a pre wedding shoot or you can add one in as an added extra.We love getting to know our couples ahead of time!

Travel Costs. Many wedding photographers in Sydney need to add in a travel fee for weddings that happen outside the Sydney Metropolitan area, whether it’s in the countryside, interstate or overseas for destination weddings.


Are you excited about wedding planning, but nervous about the price of wedding photography? Let us help. Although we only have 4 packages that we offer we can always tailor make those to make them a lot more suitable for you.

We’ll figure out with you exactly what you need for your wedding day photography and videography. Our goal at Studio Zanetti is to find a price that you’ll be comfortable with, while knowing the images from your big day are in good hands.

Let’s figure out the price of your Sydney wedding photography together. When it comes to the Sydney wedding photographer cost, we’ll make sure to make it work for you. Reach out, and we’ll let you know how to have a great experience on the day at an affordable wedding photography price

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